Reading Experience#3

The Color purple
-by Alice Walker

The Author beautifully and poignantly experiments with the rudiments of English language, leaving the reader in awe, who all keep reading it in the spirit of authenticity that the book creates in the reader’s mind.

There was something unusual about the book, especially the narration.The reading and the characters felt lifelike.

This is a story about Celie, an African American women who chronicles her journey through a series of letters written to god or her sister.She describes her misery, daily trials and tribulations, and her insecurities which plague her. Her lack of formal education and gentle lady-like demeanor does not stop her to question and challenge the deep rooted misogyny in the American culture.

It revolves around the core issues of feminism, slavery, patriachy and family dynamics.

Alice Walker has done a wonderful job writing this epistolary, keeping in mind the educational status of Celie ( who’s illiterate).

The story will take you through the struggles of Celie and her sister Nettie. Both facing the brunt of life, but managing just enough to thrive against the odd balls, the life has to offer.

A must read for all the people, who wants to read a simple story with a profound meaning.

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