A letter to my younger self.

Hey Buddy,       
                   It’s you only 10 years down the line. I know you are worried all the time that, how will everything unfold eventually. It’s okay to feel that way. Just stop beating yourself up for the most trivial of stuff, is all I want to say.

The “things” which fences your consciousness right now, will no longer be a part of your conscious state soon after. It will all just go away.

Those schedules, school-life balance, scoring sky-high in your terms might give you a temporary high, but, at the cost of what?

At the cost of your freedom.
Freedom to live and explore yourself fully, freedom to enjoy your childhood and to make mistakes as much as you want.
Because,if you’ll not enjoy it now, later, you’ll regret it to your bones.
You just have your fair share of ups-down growing up.
Don’t follow a pre-chalked out path, just because somebody wants you to do so.
Take your time, and move forward.
Their is no hurry.
Believe me.
A little thinking,
a little insight,
a little delay,
a little un-convention
is better than following other’s school of thoughts.
There are more things I would like to say to you,

I’ll rather,
let you experience them.


your true admirer.

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