Comfortable Silences

It was just another day in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

We were sitting in the far corner of a well-lit colonial cafe against the backdrop of a setting sun, facing each other, but looking inwards.

This is the time we choose to introspect, because we can truly be ourselves.

I got free at 6:00 and so did she. Our Workplace were physically few kilometres away but metaphorically, parsecs away. It took us 32 minutes each to reach the destined spot.

We were sipping our coffee in that corner without any time constraint or moral obligation whatsoever to return to the mundane office chores.

We asked each other about our days . But we had nothing new to offer. ‘It was fine’ was all we had to say, nothing more, nothing less.

It was followed by silence, absolute silence.

Not a scary one, Not something that invokes a sense of impending doom in you, but the one which puts your soul at ease.

Not that, we had a completely dry and drained day at Work. But we chose to not bore each other with our trivial pursuits and the difficulties that followed.

We have been in a relationship for over 5 years now.

It’s a long time, considering the shelf life of relationships nowadays.

We do not talk much now, we gauge each other’s emotions and react accordingly.

Words seem to have lost all meaning now, as if attempting to degrade or demean the serenity and depth of our relationship.


My eyes flutters around the table, she hands me a spoon.

I didn’t have my hair kempt, she understands my disheveled state, because of the crowd in metro and offers me a Face-Wipe.

She didn’t pick her coffee mug instantly, I knew a cake slice was on it’s way here.

She kept her eyes low and slyly looked at me, we exchanged our seats.

It was all.

We hardly spoke, or for that matter, just like the other days.

Then we parted away, only to repeat this all over again, tomorrow.


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