I had a dream…

I had a dream, which was quixotic in all it’s aspects.

It was the manifestation of my subconscious, as if holding onto my unfulfilled desires and through the keyhole of my imagination, projecting on my conscious grey matter.

It was a bliss until my eyes fixated on something grisly which wasn’t supposed to be there, ‘a thing’ which catastrophically disrupted the aesthetic and magnificence of my utopian landscape.

I couldn’t ignore it ; that moment onwards.

Walking down the makeshift paths in the woods, with the best moments of my life spread over the canvas like a mosaic.

But , also

That eerie soul..

I could feel and see our silhouette overlapping, as if attempting to absorb away my soul and mold it in his cast.

But I ran like a dog, away from the murky shadow, deep into the woods.

Nevertheless, I was followed.

Because, we weren’t two different beings , just two identities trying to fit in a single soul.

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  1. very well written xo

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    1. MayankS says:

      Thanks 👍


      1. My real pleasure xo

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