Reading Experience # 2

The Unsafe Asylum – Anirudh Kala

It’s a story describing the impact of India-Pakistan partition on the psyche of common masses, driving some of them into madness or psychosis while others who were already susceptible to this menace succumbed in the worst possible way. The narrative takes the help of a fictional psychiatrist Dr Prakash Kohli whose journey, here and there in India and abroad, exposes him to the mental toil the partition had on people from different ethnic groups and it’s everlasting consequences.

He visits Pakistan, meets Dr Salma and Dr Asif, two other doctors and listens to their perspective of the same.

Education does not bring rationality, neither does it narrow the gulf of bereavement and loss.
The hatred between the residents of two countries catalysed this dreaded transformation.

He visited Mental Hospital in Ranchi , Amritsar and Lahore . The condition of the Mental hospitals and his subsequent interaction with the patients shook him to his core. There were stories of despair, love, ambition and hope but only to end in a cataclysmic manner.

The hatred between the two countries is obvious in each section.

Stories of forced abduction, rapes , marriages and religion conversions : The aforementioned incidents were a common sight.

There was carnage all over the land, humans slayed, women raped and abducted, and many more crushed during their voyage to the opposite side.

Their was exchange of mental patients between the two countries on the basis of Religion.

In this book, their ample evidence to suggest that mental health of a Nation and it’s residents is directly proportional to the social and cultural stability of a country.

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