Reading Experience # 1

The Perks of being a Wallflower
– By Stephen Chobsky

It’s an epistolary.

A series of letters by a middle school boy, who explicitly yet in a confused manner chronicles his daily ups and downs in dealing with his own emotions. He explains and elaborates on his relationship with his other friends, Sam, Patrick, Bill, Brad, Alice, Mary Elizabeth and also his elder sister and brother.

He is fascinated by everything he observes.

He’s a sensitive, empathetic, lovely, kind, soft hearted boy – contrary to what is expected of a man.

Charlie looks, observes thing and then keep it to himself.

Just what a true wallflower would do.

He doesn’t complain often.

The book revolves around his thoughts and expectations, what he feels and what could have been if not this …??

It’s a simple story that takes you through the journey of a middle school boy , his not-so-unconventional problems and the way he devises to cope up with them.

The narration by Charlie is unique in its own way ; pure, unfiltered, free of pretensions and full of authenticity. He doesn’t care enough to hide away his insecurities and pitfalls.

Charlie doesn’t judge but instead observe, contemplate and try to understand the unsaid, undiscussed and the stigmatized stuff.

It’s a simple book that might not fancy you if you are looking for a vocabulary or content enriching experience.

It will stir your emotions up and down in the normalcy zone , in the most subtle yet profound manner.

Ironically, it’s simplicity will give you chills.

Go and read it, you won’t disappoint picking it up.

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