Story of a unrequited love.

Every day, Just before I doze of, I think about you. Believe me, I don’t want to, but I do.

Imagining your voice and moving figure, soothes my soul. But the wound it soothes were caused by you.

I know, I’ll keep loving you no matter what. Because I’m mad in love, and it’s okay if you are not.

I blame myself for the feelings I have developed overtime. But don’t you worry, you are worthy of the worry sweeping away my time.

I’ll wish for you all the success in life. Just don’t look back ever now, I’m gonna sail through mine.

I have learned that it’s okay not be okay. Just a regret, I wish I wouldn’t have loved you the way I had.

You are there, always for me, I know. But, just as a friend !

I can’t thank and Blame you enough for teaching me, what love is.This endeavour has truly been a bless.

Something is holding me back, maybe because omens don’t predict favourable outcomes. But , You just sit back and relax, as if this havoc isn’t your fault.

My therapist told me, self love is important. But all I could muster right now is self-pity, and I know, that ain’t fancy enough to help.

You are always there for me, I am truly blessed. But what if I needed more of you, and less of myself.

Your touch felt like an eternity, I never wanted that moment to end. Believe me, I tried hard to stop that ticking clock , just to make that moment everlasting.

You care for me and love me, but not in the way I want. Then, am I too be blamed in this ?

You’re a gem, just keep shining . But, your shine has somewhat overshadowed my sparkle ; my light is dying.

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  1. Sowjanya M says:

    No matter what, don’t let anyone dim your inner light. Your therapist is absolutely right! You should value and respect yourself in turn it shows how you want others to treat you.
    See yourself in your eyes and not in others.
    May you have a wonderful chapters ahead.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much !
      Your comment made my day .
      Heartfelt Wishes to you too 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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