To this date.

I don’t know how to begin , even when things have come to an end . I keep asking myself , was I waiting for this doomsday to come ?

My soul reverberated , but you did know the end in the beginning itself .

Look at you , shredded into pieces , looking like a mess , hitting the adulthood with no intelligence or happiness .

I asked my conscience , face to face , as if we were two different parties in conflict , a cast and a soul.

Please !

I’m not a Child , because even a child knows what he likes or not .But I can’t defy my Biological need to feel belonged and placed in this hierarchy . Then where am I in this race ?

Am I an adult with low Emotional Quotient or it’s just a pitfall of being a regular one. How do I find out ?

Was there a lapse in my moral teachings or I haven’t communicated enough to know, that this happens to everyone.

I’m done loving , I wish to unlove .

Is this easy ?

Boy , No !

I find reasons to leave , to not call , to run away , to not show up , to consciously ignore , because I know I don’t have the guts to say ‘ Yes , I love you ‘ , anymore.

What If conquers my mind , each time I think of doing so .

What if , that person isn’t into me , what if , I ruin the existing vestige of friendship , what if , I wouldn’t be able to handle this rejection ?

I know the answer , I just don’t want to pose a Question .

Because Hearing something makes it a reality ,but listening to your voices in head , can be easily dismissed as unreal.

Why can’t you hate a person you love ?

As a defence mechanism maybe..

But then I question myself , is this moral , but in reality , I’m done think of morality . If it shall help me , I’m ready to dive in.

Still , Sadly, the answer is No .

If you really love them , you can’t hate them. If it’s an infatuation or a mere issue of bloated-ego , you’ll move on easily.

It’s a litmus test for true love.

I’m done writing / speaking.

Wait , Wait , Wait !

Is something off with my narrative , maybe the , character , beginning or the end ?

Or were you also hoping for an explicit ending ?

Pardon my effort for waking you up, that’s life .

Completion is a myth , being incomplete is the reality.

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  1. suryadivya says:

    Its so relatable

    Liked by 1 person

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