It’s surreal for real-1


How do you define such a delicate and pure feeling ? Is this just an emotion or it’s a feeling that takes over conscience and manipulates you to do or behave, which you otherwise wouldn’t have done ever.

I’m at Crossroads , unable to decipher the inexplicable threads of love which entangles among themselves , so much so , that some of us keep untangling them through the rest of our lives .

So , the story starts here
I feel in love once , or to rephrase it I acknowledged the seriousness of my lone endeavour only once !

I was out there in a desolate place , surrounded by a constant hum of passersby. Sitting there , I could feel the pangs of guilt , hatred and worthlessness which seemed to penetrate my souls inumerable times , so much so , I got numbed .Have you ever been there , where you are feeling a lot but nothing seems to tickle your fancy.

As if you are a dead being , just grinding your ass off in the daily drudgery, but in reality you’re dead soul in a live cast. You want someone to revive you out of that darkness but , often as it happens , rarely someone does.

Pardon my attempt for digression !

Okay ? So where was I ….

Yeah !

A group of people poured in from somewhere , they were my classmates . A not so beautiful girl with typical features approached me , with an intent to inquire about the upcoming class. I was lost but only till she came. When I glanced at her , I got so lost in her moving figure and her features , her words seemed like moving wagons , you like and look at it ,but don’t pay heed to any one of them in particular .

I was aware of her presence in my class , but today she acknowledged and established her presence in me.

Then onwards , the generic pattern followed . She used to come , we used to talk and that was all I wished for . Except those moments , I never felt so contented in my life .

We became good friends and an air of comfort started surrounding me with each passing day. Never have I ever , felt so loved and respected. Or god knows , even if I had , I chose to ignore it .

What happened next – You’ll have to wait for it.

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