An abstract analogy !

Realism in the practical world is a notion , which has blurred our consciousness and psyche in myriad ways .

We strive for truth , but find it aversive , the moment we find it.

Realism is a thorny rose , which tries to abrade the skin of fantasy , once you caress it with utmost excitement and hope . It’s not futile to go through the process , just not a rosy endeavour.

When I sowed that seed of innocence and empathy into the soil-bed of my consciousness , it failed to thrive . But when the same seed was nurtured by expectations / desires/Normalcy/love/emotional indifference of others , the seed of life grew .

It grew to be a tall plant , blossoming now and then . But as a Gardener , I wasn’t happy .

You may ask why ?

The tree wasn’t a strong one , tall but hollow , full of senescent leaves , not well rooted .

She was aging prematurely.

One day , a storm came , circled around it and disappeared into a thin stream of air .

She was standing there , but without a soul now . She was gone .

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