Trip to Kumbhalgarh -2

I left for the trek . We gathered near a gym, and was waiting for others  to join in , so that we could leave in time. My apprehensions related to my co-trekmates smoothened , the moment I met a boy of my age. I didn’t pay any attention to him initially , only to start and end my conversation with him during the travel time. He was a tall and lanky guy of my age . We shared glances , a momentary token of sweet gestures. Others joined in , all elderly and middle aged.

It was 30 minutes past our scheduled departure time , owing to the unpunctual nature of  some guy.

Fortunately , he came soon after this and we were all set to go. People started pouring in the tempo traveller , choosing their seats and booking the next one through some unsaid rules by putting some stuff over it . I was left with a front seat , and the boy came and sat next to me ; since it was the only option he had .

The traveller jumpstarted , the engine kicked in and we officially began the ‘journey’.

Not soon after , we halted at a Bun-Bread Stall and bought something to eat before breakfast. The Climate was good that day , sun at it’s peak and baking the landscape , smooth breeze stroking my unkempt hair and combing its way through it. I keep my windows open , otherwise I start developing nausea and end throwing up.

My anxiety , apprehensions and worrisome behaviour was calmed down by the soothing landscape and the gentle breeze .

It wasn’t extraordinary , but ordinarily perfect.

As I was about to doze off ; felt a whisper in my ears calling out my name . Believe me , I wasn’t really in my senses ; couldn’t differentiate whether it was someone outside calling out my name or just my inner voice that I was hearing .

But , as soon as the boy shook my shoulder , I became wide awake and came back to my senses . The conversation progressed on an expected trajectory , with issues ranging from college , coaching , life , relationship , sex , passion and other generic stuff . To my surprise , we talked a lot .

10:00 Clock in the morning.                    We arrived at a makeshift dhabba / restaurant for our breakfast routine.

It was a desolate and clean place, surrounded by a group of houses , which were in grotesque state . The ceiling sinking , plaster flakes coming out , the main door rusted and worn out by the repeated environmental insults .           

I was lost in my thoughts , till a voice called out my name from behind . It was not at all familiar . I pivoted my head back to reply….  

To be continued….

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