The fear of Oblivion Entrenched in..

We call ourselves unique and live in a delusional bubble of self-pity and misery , partly unaware of the fact that there are millions like us on the same lines.

Let’s rewind to past , back in my childhood , I started experiencing some subjective feeling of pain / needle prick sensations , bouts of anxiety attack , pain in different regions of my body ; When I was examined by the physician they couldn’t find any physical evidences whatsoever to corroborate , what I was feeling.

When I look back and try to contemplate the situation , to put it simply , that was bizzare and discomforting to others.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have had chest pain , leg pain , walking difficulties , blackouts , amnesia and other spectrum of symptoms , which can’t really be explained even by physician’s comment and expertise.

Have you ever felt extreme restlessness and fatigue over a period of days , but you are hardly doing something to feel so.

Our minds and bodies works in mysterious ways , so much so that any medical findings however accurate cannot be associated to a disease every time and for everyone.

Imagine a Hypothetical Situation where you’re the Physician Sitting in the OPD , where two patients of exact same age and other anthropological features presents to you with severe Chest Pain and discomfort. Luckily , one of them got Diagnosed with Acute MI after a series of test ; but what about the other ?

Imagine his plight , all the test are Normal ! Either he’ll be labelled hysteric or will be referred to a Psychiatrist at most. Just try to be in his shoes and imagine the tides of guilt , pangs of torment and humiliation and the sense of distrust that will ensue in him thereafter.

What could be the Reason that this person isn’t getting diagnosed while the former did ? Should we Proceed with an invasive diagnostic modality to reach a conclusion ? Should we put him on a Psychiatric follow up ?

I don’t know the answer as to what should be the next step. Do you ?

There could be infinite ways in which a body points to , indicating that it needs due care mentally and physically. Medically associated things are what we know but that ain’t the criteria for exclusion always.

We need this biological care to ensure that we aren’t getting forgotten in this fast paced world. Some get it and some don’t . This biological need to feel cared for and loved , if not fulfilled , presents in ways that the medical fraternity is still struggling to understand.

Let’s not label people mad or hysteric , be more empathetic , analyse their lives , suggest them to amend some habits and omit others .

Stop only when their body signals so , not when they have stopped complaining because they feel worthless. Trust the bodily signs and instincts in the literary sense and not their speech .

In conclusion , correct the dichotomy within and resolve the internal conflict.

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