Trip to Kumbhalgarh-1

I was sulking and overthinking over trivial issues ; sitting in a corner and sipping my evening cup of tea while juggling with a plethora of thoughts and making an active attempt to refine/ untangle them to the level of relevancy and simplicity . It has always been an uphill task for me.

During this, my mother turned up and sat next to me, fully lost in the depths of social media. I too, lost in my thoughts, was oblivious to what was going on within her screen until she prodded me and informed me of the same. Her Fitness Club/ Gym was organising an excursion to Kumbhalgarh Fort. I didn’t pay much attention to this and disinterestedly told her to go, highly unaware of my subconscious craving to explore the woods in these virtual times.

She couldn’t go due to her preoccupation with work but instead told me to go on the trip for a change. A day later ,she called me up from work informing me that she had already given my name to the organizer without my knowledge! ( just how Indian Parents quintessentially are !).

Initially I resisted a bit , but later succumbed to her persuasive nature and decided to take the plunge.

Soon after , a WhatsApp group was created and I was added . As a normal person would approach , I went to the members list to check out my prospective companions for the trip ; was taken aback a little since all of them with visible display pictures were middle aged.

I kind-of lashed out at my Mom for giving my name and stormed her with so many questions like –

How will I be able to cope up with them ?

What if I am cornered in the expedition and lose track of them , walking astray in the woods !

How will I be able to pass my time while commuting ; if by headphones then what’s the point of going on a trip with so many people ?

Will I be able to complete the trek? and  If I ever encounter a problem en route , whom will I approach ?

She calmed me down with some Positively affirmative sentences which seemed to disseminate generic motivation and nothing concrete advice / information / caution in particular ; informing me about some members and their excessively friendly nature which unfortunately I don’t want either. It freaks me out because, I identify myself as an extroverted introvert and sudden attempts of familiarity and belongingness drives me away from being true in my approach towards various human endeavours.

I kept nagging but somewhere deep down knew that this trek was worth a try. In Conclusion , I finally ticked the boxes and started backpacking for the anticipated-eventful tour. Filled in some essentials ,a pair of spare clothes and the packing was almost done ( Almost because mothers have their own definitions of essentials with Aloejuice,fruits,extra Biscuits and accessories making their way to the list too). And the Rest is history…

To be continued.

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