As I Reflect Back…

As I dwell on my past, my fascination for the past life intensifies many folds. We savour these epiphanies in the current times remembering those mistakes, acts, decisions and other anecdotes ; where we regret not committing them but instead not being able to cherish the intricacies of those times in the current scenario . It looks like we have reached an emotional impasse and, transcendence beyond these humanly abilities to live what’s in past is what we long for.

I happened to glance upon a high school photograph of my class while cleaning my dirt- drenched closet in the store room, it stirred a myriad of emotions in me, so much so that after some moments I could feel the nostalgia tumbling out of my amygdala and hippocampus pouring onto the conscious grey matter of my brain.

I plopped down on the dilapidated wooden chair with my eyes still looking at the photograph with such thoughtfulness as if it has much more to offer except it’s face value. As if, the photograph will open up with a worm hole sucking me into those moments.

I was feeling an emotional upheaval and at the same time was wondering , is it a waste of time dwelling on things that are long gone ?

We all do, but very few acknowledge this elusive truth of the human subconscious to look for possibilities in the future by reflecting on the past. A not-so-explicit paradox of Life.

What’s the point of looking forward and living if we can’t spare a moment or two of solace to acknowledge what we might have missed in the process of existing in this fast paced world !

I’ll leave it upto you as to what you make of the past for your better future.

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  1. Sowjanya M says:

    Very true. As we look forward for better todays’ and tomorrows’, we should know what we learn from our past and what to leave behind.

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