Either Stop thinking otherwise or find a Solution.

I am very certain that there are people like me in every crowd who have the habit of thinking otherwise in every scenario or I guess it’s a basic human tendency?

Peeps , May I have your attention please !!

Thinking about possibilities isn’t wrong but it’s also not justified for the inaction it entails along with it.

Rather than focusing on how to avoid this ambivalence?

We resort either to inaction or a facilitative passive process since not everyone has the patience and focus to think otherwise in a positive sense. So, it’s better not to think about it. Haina? Mujhe pta tha !

Let’s consider you are struggling with your profession / curriculum/ studies and you have realised that this isn’t something what you thought about it initially !…

You know your life will not be that great and fulfilling. Out of 100, only 10 have the guts to step up and constructively think if not this then what?

Rest are the passive feeders, who shall sulk for the rest of their lives excusing them by saying things like probably it was too late.., maybe I need to give it more time …,What if I am not contributing enough….,how can I be so sure that the other stuff will suite my instincts and Likings ?

You get occupied with these thoughts and you are stuck in an endless spiral which only leads you down.

You must be wondering that whether I have a solution for this or not. The answer is both a yes and no. No, because only you / god knows what is the real reason / rationale behind you thinking of other options / likelihood of things / quagmire of thoughts you are facing.

Yes, because I can share with you my experience of being lost in the woods and finding my may back to the aisle of simplification.

If you aren’t sure of leaving your profession or have second thoughts, do you really wish to delve into this overthinking mess and decrease your focus / productivity at your current endeavour / job / Internship further down ?

Thinking isn’t always fruitful, learn when to put a full stop to this endless pondering. Either do it or leave it. By swaying in the imagination you are decreasing the likelihood of being good at anything to nothing.

My ideas are abstract like Modern Art ( Jk…), it’s just that you have to develop the sight to decode the encrypted.

Damn boi, that’s a fancy statement !! Ohkay Ohkay, let’s not digress …

I know that’s not a solution but Never have I ever promised you that in any of my post. Either this post is a piece of shit for you like any other self-help reading material or it’s insightful, but nothing in between, pun intended. Thanks for a Read !

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  1. akshain says:

    Early paragraphs were quite thoughtful πŸ’―

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    1. Thank you so much


  2. Nice blog you got and thanks for following

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  3. Exactly, this is so well written..!πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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      1. Your most welcome πŸ™‚

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