It’s okay to be not occupied always.

We as youngsters are obsessed with productivity. We believe in the notion jitna tapoge utna nikhroge. Your studies / hobbies / work / family cannot keep you occupied all the time. It’s okay if you feel left out in knowledge or experience.

Your more work does not always guarantee success and psychological gratification. Don’t you experience moments in your life when you have a lot to do / some errands to run / pileload of work but you still aren’t pursuing anything ? You just don’t feel like it. Isn’t that right ?

We blame ourselves in these situations that we don’t know how to prioritize our work and get on to it. We feel as if this act of idling is a waste of time.

It isn’t. Your body gets worn out more mentally as compared to physically in a task. You drain your mental energy and it needs time to fill again. It’s like resting before you can start another set of push-ups.

Give your brain the time it requires to refill that elixir of life so that you can get back to work.

No Rocket – Science, Self -help trash but just a thing I thought it’s worth mentioning.

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