A typical day in Quarantine

You wake up when the sun is at its peak , and the beacon of light filters through the curtain caressing your hair , making you aware that it is way past early morning hours .

If you are living with your family , you might be fortunate enough to receive the bombardment of taunts and accusations for being a liability to this otherwise highly productive family . As if that’s the case …huh

You have forgotten the notion and discipline of meal timings and have developed one of your own . You eat Breakfast at 11-12 , lunch at 4 , snack time is shifted way past 8 and god knows if you eat dinner after midnight . To add to this mess , we snack all day. We all are turning into a ginger with no apparent dimensions and unrestricted growth in some areas or the others.

If you are a student , you attend online classes just for the sake of attending it . It’s way more monotonous than we imagined . We are just vegetating in this otherwise fast paced era. We have forgotten our goals , lost the enthusiasm to tick boxes , stopped dreaming of a ‘once again normal world ‘ and worst of all stopped living in the truest  sense  as if the world has already ended.

We might not be geniuses / scholars / overachievers but we gotta survive in this crisis .

Survival in these times without compromising your physical , mental and social well being is no less than an achievement.

If you are a freelancer, you are probably tired of submitting your CV’s for internship and jobs against a handful of them. You are tired of being overworked and underpaid. You want this to end .

If you are single and living alone . Working and cooking for a single person kills you sometimes. This quarantine is slowly eating you from inside making you realise , how hollow and worthless your life is . It gives you ample time to reflect on those opportunities you missed , apparently perfect people you abandoned , of not working hard enough , your failures and all that you have missed through your journey. Not having someone to love , to take care of, kills you slowly but steadily.

If you are a working mother in a joint family , ironically you have become even more productive than the pre- Covid era. With everyone at home most of the times , you work besides managing them full time simultaneously. You don’t get a break from your home. Children can be pain in the ass and the realisation have become more evident while they stay at home 24 ×7.

If you are a student whose graduation is expected in 2020 or what we famously refer to as ‘batch of 2020′ , you are probably very apprehensive of what lies ahead for you . Will I find a job ? Will I be able to outperform others for a mearge number of jobs available ? Will I have to do a post- graduation ? If yes , how will I manage the finances ? and many more to add.

If you are an ambiguous soul who has the habit of overthinking every decision and thing , out of everyone you are the worst affected . You are growing restless about your health / studies/ partner/ finances/ kids and what not . Meditation and yoga is definitely not your cup of tea. You are switching tasks , leaving them halfway and starting afresh only to leave them to the same fate too.

If you are a depressed being , you will eventually succumb to these surroundings, provided you don’t seek / get help. The incidence of suicides has increased in COVid -19 times , this is probably because we are over – introspecting in the path of pessimism. Seek help , suicide is never an option for anything. It might relieve you of your own pain but you will leave others tormented for life.

Above all , in general we are indifferent in our condition i.e pathetic. Hope this quarantine gets lifted , before we embark on a journey to self- destruction from which their is no coming back.

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  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    I am no expert, but help has to come from inside you. What happens to you is up to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed Sir and it holds true in every Context.


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