Learn to Unlearn

From the childhood onwards we are taught how to walk , how to speak , how to stand, how to eat and so on.

Indeed, these are indispensable for a Child’s growth but what about our learnings thereafter?

Most of our learnings in life, our ideologies, opinion and approach finds root in passive learning. This passive learning is moulded and skillfully crafted overtime by the individual to serve his real purpose- Survival.

Now, what do I mean by passive learning ? Passive learning is the process of sowing seeds in our subconscious minds through careful observation of the surroundings,  emotional/ physical conditioning in the family, common mindset , educational status of the family members and the list goes on. Here in the process you don’t actively nurture your mind with a new set of information but you just sit and allow these observations to take a permanent seat in your conscience.

We grow as individuals overtime , realising only later in our lives that we aren’t that different from our parents.

Obviously, we have newly added ideologies , liberal thinking , callous attitude towards trivial religious sentiments.

But, our approaches to problem, insecurities, idea of life and many other factors remain as it is in our life.

Isn’t it ?

It isn’t a bad thing ,but we have to realise that in order to grow as a community / nation / society , it becomes imperative that we unlearn the inherent prejudice , bias , disgust and other forms of inequality.

My idea  and presentation of the issue might be abstract but the problem is very much real.

Let’s take an example –

We don’t learn actively to deny the existence of people from NE states of our country but we are conditioned to believe so by the people around us, society, media , politics and national representation that as if they are second class citizens of this country and doesn’t deserve an equitable attention for the crisis they face on an everyday basis.

Another Example –

Don’t you feel doubtful / apprehensive/ fearful / disgusted/ pity/ sympathy  at the site of divyangs ( physically compromised individuals ) ? Yes we do.

But again why ? This is because we have learned from our parents overtime that they have criminal intensions /  will take undue advantage of your support or kindness/ will make you unconscious with a stupefying agent and loot your belongings with  a lot more to add in this list. But where our parents lack in this is to teach us to differentiate when to help and when to hold back instead of NOT helping at all.

In general, we grow doubtful as individuals and think twice before helping an unknown. This is why unlearning these things and modifying them according to today’s era and rightfulness of the deed becomes important.

We all have our own notion of what’s right and what’s not, barring some who take a spiritual stand on everything sab chalta hn Yaar , sab apni apni jagah theek hn( Hindi translation).

Believe me , they have just become tolerant to the new world and not reformers as it sounds like. Nothing is absolute or black and white , their is always a grey scale / spectrum which exists.

Talking about LGBTQ people , we avoid the idea of acknowledging their existence. We see them as criminals or convicts of a felony.We avoid conversation on this topic and some people rather feel disgusted to talk about them.

We don’t learn to hate them / consider them abnormal / unnatural, and as social criminals . It’s a product of passive learning. Since it is not a generalisation, we have people on the good side too but unfortunately their number is few.

The need of the hour is to unlearn some of our database which is filling out our internal memory.

So, in order to feed new information, reboot some sections and be welcoming to download some new.

It’s shouldn’t be optional since it is indispensable for improving the moral fabric of this nation.

Hoping to see a day where our thoughts shall be a product of active learning, retaining only the essentials from the passive process.

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  1. Preetisingh says:

    You write well & have good ideas

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